The Gastrobotanica project is born… from a date.

In the year 2000 Rodrigo de la Calle tasted this extraordinary product and found that it needed to be recuperated or introduced in the actual kitchen contributing great added value.
“Because it belongs to our environment, because it has been cultivated by our ancestors and because it deserves it.”

Rodrigo de la Calle, with biologist Santiago Orts, prompted the investigation of new species and the rescue of forgotten vegetables. New paths andand un heard of trails where opened between the fields of de la vega del Tajo and the citrics of Huerto Elche.

The essence of Gastrobotanica lies in the recovery and incorporation of vegetable products that have been forgotten, unknown and ignored but have not lost their profound tasty personality. They all turn green, thanks to the curiosity and the eager to know and learn about nature.

We claim the importance of vegetables, seasonal variation of the products of the same quality, betting the use of sustainable prime materials.

A natural kitchen that claims a turn in to nature and gastronomies.

“In Gastrobotanica I found my way of utilizing products that had been unused or in extinction, never heard of products… being able to contribute to new taste registers to the palate… There was so much more field and I found it in a garden”.

Rodrigo de la Calle