The Gastrobotanica work has developed upon some principles we have summerized it in the following decalogue




01. One

Gastrobotanica is centered in the investigation of the origin of vegetable or fungical species (both belonging to botanica ) to develop the possibilities of culinary application.

02. Two

Priority to recuperate the forgotten or reviled vegetable species. Putting interest and gastronomical and health value and not mere derived by economic crop industrial interest.

03. Three

It’s a conservationist discipline( not integrationist ) as it does not exclude the cultivation of products of foreign origin. In any place in the planet Gastrobotanica can be practiced its not limited to a specific concrete territory.

04. Four

Gastrobotanica also is the practice of the person who cultivates, conserves and rescues vegetable species for its gastronomical use. There are agricultures, and gastrobotanica wine growers.

05. Five

One of its maximum disciplines is the cultivation of the vegetable product being with major respect to its environment is bet for its integrated growth as an optimum farm production model that combines the best of traditional and biological cultivation.

06. Six

Promote cultivation of vegetable species with high gastronomic value without the need to be strictly local.

07. Seven

Its obligated to share and make public the results of its investigation.

08. Eight

Commitment to diversity of species, its based on survival of planet and life and the beginning of evolution. Promotes the cultivation of varieties and it does not discard by its aspect or its size; gastronomic prime value… “long live diversity!”

09. Nine

Permits the collection of wild vegetable material always within the respect of the environment, making sure not to alter the surroundings guarantying the minimum impact or alteration to the ecosystem.

10. Ten

It has an educational-cultural and healthy spirit that thru gastronomy pretends to disclose to society the miracle of vegetable life in our planet ,based for life and all living beings.